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Driven to design a state-of-the-art sound system that is aesthetically arresting without compromising on quality or performance, the Pantheone I speakers is at home in an art gallery or in the personal spaces of those who appreciate flawless function.


To meet the growing demand for Natural Quartz Based Engineered Stone slabs, Mahi Granites Pvt.Ltd has set up a State of the Art new project at Hyderabad, with the latest equipment for manufacture of Natural Quartz Based Engineered Stone slabs. Mahi Granites Pvt Ltd is proud to introduce “KRYSTALLOS” its Natural Quartz Based Engineered Stone Slabs. We bring in KRYSTALLOS for the people who desire fashion in stone. We thrive with principles of trust and customer satisfaction.

Our team consists of highly experienced people from the industry led by Mr. Krishna Rao who has over 25years of experience in stone industry.

He was among the first to start quarrying and exporting granite from India. His unparalleled vision and work paves way for the team to deliver. Mahi means “Earthen” and we at Mahi are zealous about protecting Mother Nature. We take great care in choosing our suppliers and designing our processes to give our dues to Mother Earth. Every step at Krystallos is designed keeping Mother Nature at its centre.

Krystallos is 93% natural Quartz based and the best Quartz in the world is abundantly available in the state of Telangana, where the factory is located. We source our ingredients from the best in the industry to give you quality second to none. Our experienced team takes quality control to the next level by ensuring quality parameters at every step of the process. Krystallos is designed for kitchen countertops, flooring, interior cladding, bathrooms and other artistic designs. Now we have the expertise and option to create any colour or design of the Architect’s choice with the help of our experienced team at our R&D Department and Laboratory with latest equipment.

Our factory is located in the strategic region in Hyderabad and has a capacity to produce 225,000 Sq Meters per Annum. We understand the challenges of different markets across the globe and its ever changing customer tastes. Krystallos is designed to adapt and adjust to the changing customer desires across the continents. We look forward to being associated with you and would love to be your one stop shop for all your Natural Quartz requirements.

You can also visit us at or write into us at for any further information.

Our products are designed by a team who share an uncompromising commitment to hand-crafted quality, design and engineering that breathes music into any living space. Made to be enjoyed by those who share a passion for minimalist aesthetic that is both functional and appealing.

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